Create beautiful modular table stands for dining room tables, coffee tables, and other furniture.

Create contemporary modular furniture and unique architectural pieces

Use EverBlock® to create modular benches, chairs, side boards, tables and bases for all types of objects. Utilize the extensive color pallet to meet design objectives and alternate colors for dramatic effect.

From modular plastic kids room furniture to mod architectural furniture, EverBlock lets you mix and match pieces and colors to create bright and durable modular furniture that can be modified at a later date as needs change.

Use our integrated desk tops and shelving to complete your furniture project.

Here are some modular furniture ideas we've come up with:

  • Coffee tables, dining room tables, work desks
  • Benches and chairs
  • Bars
  • Bases for glass, wood, or marble tops
  • Sideboards and built-ins
  • Architectural dividers and structures
  • Shelving, Counters, and Storage Bins
  • Seating Risers
  • Kids furniture
  • Bed frames

Be Your Own Furniture Designer or Let Us Design Something For You

With EverBlock you can design your own furniture using our sophisticated 3D Virtual builder HERE. The builder allows you to place, rotate, and arrange blocks, shelving, desktops and accessories and see how it would look in 3D. Save your designs, share them, and revisit them to make changes as needed.

Get creative with color and stagger blocks to create dramatic architectural creations, limited only by your imagination. Expand your creations at a later time by simply adding more blocks.

From coffee tables to benches and bedside tables, use EverBlock to create a dramatic architectural statement.

Build incredible bookshelves that can expand as you do.

Use for modular side tables and end tables.

Alternate colors to create exciting modular furniture.

Expand existing furniture and create additional storage and expandable shelving as needed.

Ideal for toy storage and kids rooms shelving.

Add our pre-cut powder coated metal shelving units to any construction to create amazing modular furniture.

Set up temporary furniture for events and remove, transport and reconfigure as needed.

Integrated Shelving and Desk Units Provide Unlimited Design Flexibility

Add shelving units or desk tops to EverBlocks® to create truly functional office furniture. Create multi-layered shelving, catering stations, bars, desks with returns, storage units, and other unique creations using one of 4 shelving sizes and a desk top.

24" Shelving Unit

36" Shelving Unit

36" (Half 72" Shelving Unit)

48" Desktop

48" Lintel/Shelving Unit

Reflect Your Individuality And Build Amazing Things

Bed Frames and Enclosures

Home Bars

Colorful Coffee Tables

Modular Waterproof Furniture

Colorful Coffee Tables

Shelving and Storage Units

L-Shaped Desks

TV Consoles and Shelving

Colorful Work Tables

Corner shelving units

Colorful Modular Furniture

Glass Desk

Modular Desks

Colorful Desk

Modular Seating

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Colorful Modular Desks

Portable Bars

Complete Living Room Sets

Glass Top Coffee Table

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Custom Printer Stands

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Fun Office Desks

Modular Check-in Counters

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Complete modular rooms

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Modular Buffets

Portable DJ booths

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Visual Exciting Backdrops

Buffet tables

Seating Sets

Lounge chairs

Sales Desks and Office Furniture


Children's Furniture

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