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Design and Object Library - Step-By-Step Instructions 

In this section you can find step-by-step instructions for building various objects.  This area is continuously changing and we are adding product instructions daily. Check back often to learn how to build all types of amazing things - in life size!

Bench / Sofa Construction

Consists of 106 Full Blocks, 4 Half Blocks, and 30 Finishing Caps. 


Consists of 54 Full Blocks, 6 Half Blocks, and 16 Finishing Caps

Bar / Counter Construction

Consists of 130 Full Blocks, 6 Half Blocks, and 19 Finishing Caps

Building a Desk Base

This base is suitable to receive the EverBlock 48" x 24" Desk Top (Shown). We have also used other desk tops from third parties in wood, glass, and plastic. 

Consists of 32 Full Blocks and 6 Half Blocks (may also be built with 33 Full Blocks and 4 Half Blocks)


Consists of 22 Full Blocks, 8 Quarter Blocks, and 8 Finishing Caps

Coffee Table

Consists of 27 Full Blocks


Dining table base for 4ft x 8ft top (glass or other).  Consists of 40 Full Blocks

Simple Coffee Table

Contemporary coffee table base for glass, wood or plastic top. Consists of 8 Full Blocks.